The Caesars defensive line in action (Credit: Tony Else)

by Leon Blackman

The American Football side hasn’t been playing or training since the first national lockdown in March, nonetheless, Defensive Coordinator Mike Holden is confident that the team can rejoin as we draw nearer the summer months.

“It’s a shame for the young players who are missing out on a crucial year of development, however, I think some of the older boys could have done with a year out as rehab.”

Mike Holden remained upbeat and says the squad are in touch regularly via different group chats and have started preparation for a potential summer season.

“Two weeks ago, we began meeting on zoom and starting to go over our playbook and see where the team are at physically.”

Holden says the growth of the sport is evident in the UK and is hoping that there will be many new recruits coming down when the club is able to re-open.

Caesars squad line up after training in March 2020 (Credit: Mike Holden)

“As much as we want to compete with the best teams in Britain, we also want people who are new to the sport and come down to have some fun.

American Football is a tough, physical sport, but with a great sense of family and camaraderie, and the guys here have developed great bonds over the years.

It’s tough being out of the sport for so long, but collectively we are remaining positive and looking forward to getting back out there as the Caesars.”

Looking ahead to Superbowl LV on Sunday night, we asked some of the players and coaching staff for their Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers predictions.

Grant Lawless, Offensive Coordinator: 

“I think Kansas City will take an early lead, all looking lost but Brady rallies a Tampa comeback, then Mahomes to Hill for a Kansas City win.

Mike Holden, Defensive Coordinator:

Chiefs. The best roster and best coach will win the game. Mahomes is starting a new dynasty in KC.”

Simon Hand, Assistant Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Backs Coach: 

Chiefs. Unless the Tampa defense finds a way to knock Mahomes out of the game.”

Toni Read, Club Physio:

“I’m thinking (and hoping) for a Kansas City victory for the second year running.”

James O’Brien, Defensive Line: 

“35-32 Tampa Bay. Brady two minute drill to take the win.”

Cameron Murry, Quarterback:

“31-28 Chiefs. They will take a 4th quarter lead with 1.30 left and will be a task too much for Brady to get the win.”

Chris Singleton, Defensive Line:

“Hard to call this year but I think Tampa Bay will take it, the drive Brady has to prove he is the GOAT should be enough of a push.”

Andrew Wilkins, Linebacker:

Chiefs. They have a stacked roster and such good chemistry. The offense seems to move the ball at will when they need to.”

Chris Hutchinson, Defensive Line:

Tampa Bay. Tom Brady to prove to all of us once and for all that he is the NFL GOAT and one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.”

Ben Langford, Linebacker:

“I think the Chiefs get a few scores early, going to be a boring game!”

It seems the Caesars a split in calling a winner for Sunday’s game, UK viewers can watch Superbowl LV live from BBC One at 11.30 pm.

For information about where to join the Caesars and news about when the club will return to play, follow this link here to their Facebook page and you can find them on Instagram here or @NottinghamCaesars.