Archie from Gedling received his diagnosis a year ago. Image credit: Lucy Heavey

A fundraiser created to help support the family of Archie Warriner, who suffers from Hepatoblastoma, has reached half of its £10,000 target.

Archie, 3, was diagnosed with the condition just over a year ago back in February 2020.

Hepatoblastoma is an uncommon malignant liver cancer which usually presents itself as an abdominal mass in infants and children.

Since the diagnosis, the family from Gedling have been raising the money needed to help support them through Archie’s treatment as well as helping with costs of hospital visits.

More than 200 donations have been made to the family’s ‘Go Fund Me’ page, but despite the rising funds concerns over Archie’s health are still prominent.

His mum, Lucy Heavey, said: “With not knowing what the future holds and the high chance that we are going to lose him it’s hard I can’t lie.

“We try and make the most of each day and take each day as it comes. Most days were happy but it’s always at the back of your mind.

“Lockdowns made things a lot harder, not been able to see friends and family although the support is always still there it’s different than being physically with one another.

“On the days Archie’s feeling good we can’t just nip and see anyone. Even the things I took for granted like doing the weekly shop just isn’t worth the risk so everything’s online. I appreciate this is the same for a lot of others it’s just something else added on top of an already stressful situation.”

Over £5,000 has been raised so far for Archie and his family. Image credit: Lucy Heavey

Next week Archie will be starting a new treatment which has been supplied by the pharmaceutical company, as part of his preparation for a potential surgery to help his condition.

Before the treatment can begin the family are anxiously waiting for scans to be done so that they have a baseline before treatment starts in order to see the effect it has.

Lucy added: “This treatment isn’t a miracle drug and we’re aware of that, and it could in all possibility not work which would be devastating.

“We just need to be able to get to a place where surgery is possible so it’s small steps.

“We are not expecting for this treatment to totally get rid of the tumours just to stabilise or stop more growth.

If it doesn’t then we will look at any other options available to us either here in the UK or abroad, but his is just our best option at the moment.”

The money raised will go towards living expenses, hospital visits and treats for Archie.

To donate, please visit the #teamarchie GoFundMe page.

By Jessica Goddard & Laycie Beck