In a country that seems to be stuck in a Groundhog Day of lockdowns, it’s easy to get into a negative mindset. Luckily, we can use the power of social media for good to help lift our mood and focus on the positives.

Here are six of the best accounts to fill your feed with colour, positivity and motivational thoughts.


Searching your daily dose of cuteness? This is the account for you.

Oscar the pug is from Cheshire, UK and his account is full of adorable photos with witty captions to match – he even has a TikTok!


Via @oscarthelazypug on Instagram


Influencer and body post activist Chessie King defies societies standards and talks everything taboo. Her page always depicts real-life, from body positivity to fitness and breast cancer awareness. The happy energy and positivity in her posts is contagious.

Via @chessiekingg on Instagram


An aesthetically pleasing page to fill your Instagram feed, pushing for for self love and mental health. This account aims to spread positive vibes through thought provoking quotes and beautiful illustrations.

Via @thehappyslothclub on Instagram


Sticking with the aesthetically pleasing theme, this Instagram account provides you with happy news that these days is a rare find. You are also able to buy the happy newspaper as a physical subscription. Not only does this account just look pretty, it does good too and has recently funded the planting of 20,540 trees last quarter thanks to its subscribers.

Via @thehappynewspaper on Instagram


This graphic designer, curates positives quotes and uses them to create colourful content to brighten your feed. Christie’s account makes it easy to spend hours scrolling through the page and saving your favourite quotes.


Via @quotesbychristie on Instagram


Though travelling may not be the most easily available thing to do at the moment, you can still plan for the future. This online travel agency’s posts from Bali, the Maldives, Dubai and beyond all scream luxury and are a lovely addition to your feed, making us dream up holiday plans.

Via @wanderlustldn_ on Instagram

Add these accounts to your Instagram feed to help boost your mood, use them as motivation or scroll through for a little pick me up.

By Ellie Dennehy