Binti Malu via Pexels

The day you probably didn’t know existed, but one you need now more than ever – national optimist day.

At the moment we’re stuck in an endless cycle of working from home, only leaving said home for the essentials, and being glued to our screens in an effort to stay connected with friends and family.

The best thing that we can do right now is look to the future, so I decided to ask others what they’re feeling optimistic about in the near future.

“I’m optimistic about my career path.”

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is set in stone. Along with the virus, the pandemic has brought a major wave of bankruptcies for UK firms, and continues to loom over small businesses all over the world. None of us know what the world of business will look like in a years time, but being optimistic can be easier when you picture a bright future without the present problems that you’re currently facing.

“I’m optimistic about being able to see friends and family without the worry of endangering anyone.”

Lockdown can have you feeling all types of emotions, but the lack of social interaction is probably the most devastating feeling of all. While some haven’t seen friends and family for a year, others have been fortunate enough to live close by and be able to see their loved ones in person, albeit 2 metres apart and masked up. Although none of this sounds appealing, sacrifices have to be made right now in the hopes that next year we’ll be sat with our friends joking about this entire thing.

“I’m optimistic that I can keep pushing and keep bettering my physical and mental well-being.”

We were all persuaded to start Chloe Ting’s workouts last March in the hopes of a ‘post lockdown glow-up’, but while it was trendy for everyone to suddenly get into fitness, lockdown definitely presented an opportunity for people to focus on and better themselves. Being active not only gives you a more defined set of goals, but does wonders for mental wellbeing and self-esteem which, after 3 lockdowns, we could all use some help with.

“I’m optimistic that I’ll get through my final year of university.”

 Without a doubt the worse year to be a student.  The parties before that 9am lecture no longer exist and you’re studying to go into a career in a market that is currently very unpredictable.  However, one of the sure things is that you can still push through and finish that essay you’ve left to the last minute, finish your education and (hopefully) have a summer full of celebrating.

 “I’m optimistic for summer.”

The reality is it’s been a long winter. The Winter blues in inevitable, but if you combine this with the stress of yet another lockdown then it can be harder to picture the light at the end of the tunnel. The thought of Summer is enough to get anyone excited; beer gardens, picnics in the sun and BBQs in your own back garden.  Whether we have more freedom or are still in social distancing guidelines, a bit of sun is sure to bring us all out of a slump.

By Sarah Ward