The men's first team celebrating in pre-Covid times. Photo Credit: Beeston Hockey club

First team players at Beeston Hockey Club have banded together to provide free interactive online training sessions to over 150 students.

Members from both men’s and ladies’ teams will coach young people aged 5-16, every Sunday over the next 3 weeks through zoom.

All that is required to take part is a stick, ball, laptop and a few household items to act as attackers and defenders.

The sessions will run between 10am and 10.30am, which involves physical training that focuses on hockey skill, brief circuit drills and interactive discussion with the coaches.

“It’s good for their physical health, but more importantly their mental health by bringing everyone together and giving them something to enjoy and look forward too,” says Gareth Griffiths, first team player and youth coach at Beeston Hockey Club.

The 21-year-old, NTU graduate said: “The kids have been enjoying the lessons and more and more have been coming to join in every week and not just members of the club.

“It’s been important for keeping skills up, but also to keeping everyone together and making sure that Beeston hockey club family is healthy.”

The Nottingham native, who studied education and special education needs and inclusion, has ran weekly online sessions for their Flyerz team, for those with disabilities and special education needs.

Classes for the Flyerz team are ran every Monday through zoom for young disabled people aged 13-17.

Coach Gareth Griffiths says: “They are an important part of the club and its good to give them a chance to practice and a chance to socialise through lockdown.”

The midlands biggest hockey club has one of the UK’s leading Field Hockey training facilities. Photo Credit: Beeston Hockey Club

The launch of the online marks the first time that the Midlands biggest hockey club has ran virtual training in their 107 year history

The move has proved successful, with an increase in attendance from 50 to over 150 members in the first three weeks sessions have ran.

Classes are free of charge for members of the club, however non-members are being invited to take part and get a taste of the sport.

First team player Gareth has been at the club since he was five years old says that the online classes are a “perfect way,” to introduce people to the sport.

He said: “Hockey is quite a technical sport and can be quite tricky so home lessons are a good way for people of all ages and ability to get going.

“In your own home, at your own pace it can be good for people who are nervous about trying hockey for the first time.

“We want new people to get involved and everyone is welcome here so people should definitely get involved through our website if interested.”

By Adam Ridgley