Tia Freeman also plays a keys role in the NTU basketball side, and is in her final year at Trent. (image: Tia Freeman)

By Joel Del Gesso

It’s been a challenging season for basketball sides across the country, but Wildcats star Tia Freeman has given us some insight on how her team has been adapting and moving forward to guarantee glory despite the pandemic.

All sports teams this year that have been exempt from lockdown have had to find new ways to keep the consistency in their performance and the Nottingham Wildcats are no exception.

Tia explained: “It’s obviously been really different compared to previous seasons, we went through a spell of deciding whether or not to play after going back into lockdown.”

Luckily for them, testing services were quickly introduced that allowed the side to continue training twice a week, which has allowed them to continue working on there game which has payed off as they sit high in the WBBL table.

The side has adapted to the circumstances keeping communication high between the its players during these times as they cannot interact in person outside of training.

“We’ve had tonnes of zoom calls this year before the season started, to get to know everyone a little bit more.

“Even now we have 2 zoom call just this week to see each other because we can’t really do that outside of training.

“It’s been difficult that we can’t go out for team meals and do team activities, stuff like that, it’s been pretty difficult this year.”

Tia in action for the Nottingham Wildcats (image: Tia Freeman)

Tia joined the Wildcats at the start of last season after previously playing for the Oakland Wolves as well as representing Great Britain’s U15s and U20s, and said it was easy joining the wildcats as there were a lot of familiar faces making it an easy transition.

Whist working to achieve glory this season, the side if very much aware of the circumstances, and is grateful for the opportunity the sides has been given to continue training and competing.

“Obviously we’re so happy that we’ve been lucky enough to play right now, which is something we are appreciating, but we also want to win.

“We want to show that the Nottingham Wildcats are one of the best performing British clubs and we want to win silverware.

“There’s obviously way more hurdles that we’ve got to get through this year, but we still want to achieve as much as possible,” Tia explained.

The Wildcats is made up from a lot of experienced players that have also represented GB as well as Tia, which makes them a big danger in the league.

Right now Tia expressed her and the teams determination to finish the season with something to look back upon proudly.

“We’re definitely hoping for at least top 3 and at least one piece of silverware this year.

“We lost out in the cup loosing by 2 but hopefully we can now push for the trophy.

“I think definitely when our team is healthy, our team is one of the top teams to be competing with to win the league.”

The Nottingham Wildcats face their next match up against Manchester Mystics next on the 13th February, where hopefully once again they will secure victory in what has turned out to be a very abnormal season for the side.

By Joel Del Gesso