Police arrived at the houses in St Anns at around 1am this morning (3 February). Image credit - Pixabay

Five families had to leave their homes in the early hours of this morning (February 3) after a brick wall collapsed into a garden.

Residents nearby awoke to the sound of a 70-foot high wall collapsing in the garden of their terraced houses.

Inspector Charlotte Allardice said: “Emergency services were called from distressed residents following a report of a landslide in Spalding Road and Windmill Lane, St Ann’s at around 1 am this morning.

“They needed assistance with somewhere to stay overnight.

“They returned to their homes at around 6 am having spent time with their neighbours.

“There have been no reported injuries.”

Officers arrived at the scene of the collapse to find severe damage to the housing, with the bathrooms and kitchens flooded with rainfall.

Roads in the surrounding area have since been reopened after it was deemed to be safe.

By Faith Pring.