Image: Alternative methods of dealing with mental health issues during the pandemic (Credit: Pixabay

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out a lot of stresses and anxieties in people that can be difficult to manage.

Kate Banton, 35, is a Nottingham-based hypnotherapist who has been working through the pandemic and has noticed some changes to her work in that time.

Kate said, “People have had some time and have realised that they want to change something about themselves.” From this perspective, the lockdown period can be seen as having a positive effect on self-reflection and realisation.

Kate deals with a lot of clients who want to change themselves in some way or another. This could be quitting smoking, weight management, increasing motivation as well as other mental health issues.

After working in the care industry and supporting disabled people in employment, Kate always knew she wanted to help people and began therapy training courses just over 10 years ago.

Image: Kate Banton, 35, has been working as a hypnotherapist for over a decade

Another card in Kate’s deck is her tarot readings. Although these do not expressly link to the hypnotherapy work that she does, she says they help people who are uncertain about the future. For some it provides insight and guidance for their lives and even if their reading is negative, she tries to put a positive spin on things in light of the current situation.

“I love to see people make the changes that they need to in their lives”

Kate Banton, Hypnotherapist

One main difference for Kate’s work is that it has had to move online and although she says, “there have been some truly powerful results online”, there are some people who do not feel comfortable. For some of her clients, there is no beating the face-to-face connection for personal and intimate issues.

The impetus behind Kate’s work has not changed though, the focus on helping people make the changes they need to and “the power it has to make someone realise they can be stronger.”

Image: Kate has had to move from face-to-face consultations to online during the pandemic

Her advice to anyone who is struggling at the moment was not to feel like you have to do what everyone else is doing. You do not have to be busy all the time and if you need some time “just have a bath if you need to.”

Kate may need some time of her own as she has been juggling home-schooling her son with her professional life which means time management and planning have been key for her recently.

Tarot readings and hypnotherapy are not for everyone but for Kate’s clients the reflection is useful, with many people benefitting from the experience.

By Adam Baker