Enjoy a glass of wine over zoom this Valentine's Day

Last year we managed to escape the wrath of lockdown when it hit Feburary 14th, but this year we haven’t had such a lucky escape. For many of us, it looks like we’ll be spending the day of love away from our other halves.

Valentine’s day is a time that you’re supposed to dedicate to your loved ones, whether it be partners, families, or throwing a little ‘galentines day’ bash.

You know the drill; rose petals on the floor, a bottle of bubbly, maybe even a nice steak dinner out at a boujee restaurant.

For the others that aren’t in a relationship, maybe it’s a day where you sit on the sofa and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or dress up with your friends and drown your sorrows with a bottle of vodka.

But this year, no one’s going to be celebrating in quite the same style as per usual. With us being in lockdown, many won’t be able to see their partners or friends, so I thought instead of just having to watch others share the love via Instagram posts, why not come up with the perfect Zoom date ideas?

1. Cocktail Evening

An idea would be to take in turns of presenting a cocktail recipe to your partner (tell them the ingredients which they need beforehand so they can come prepared). Then on Zoom you can make them together and rate how good the choice of cocktail was.

If you’re feeling super creative you could even design your own cocktails based on your relationship and memories!

2. Dinner Date

A classic choice. Either of you could design a three course meal of a cuisine of your choice, then make it from both ends of the call. Set up your dinner table and prop the other up next to some candles and a bottle of wine and bam, it’s like you’re in a restaurant.

3.  Netflix Party

If you go to netflixparty.com you can stream films and shows from the comfort of your own home with the other person seeing the exact same scenes at the exact same time.

It allows you to engage with a chat to share your thoughts and have a discussion; the best way to watch a film ‘together’ without physically being together!

4. Games night

Whether they’re online games or an old fashioned competition to see who’s the most literate in a game of Scrabble, there’s something for everyone. Examples of games to play include charades, Pictionary, Psych, card games, Heads Up! or Scattergories.

Don’t get too competitive though, as this could result in arguments and potentially even break-ups.

5. Picnic

This one’s for the daytime (I’m assuming you’re not going to sit outside in a cold, dark field), where you can each take a picnic blanket out into your garden and set up a lunch. Pack a basket with your favourite goodies whether it be a selection of cheeses, cake, finger sandwiches, or maybe even just a bottle of Chardonnay – whatever takes your fancy. Then set up your call and watch the sunset together or just enjoy being out in nature and taking in eachother’s views.

6. Virtual tours

Google Arts & Culture offer a range of virtual tours of exhibits and museums which, if the exploration of cultures is your kind of thing, is perfect for an online date. Set up your Zoom call and then pick which tour you’re ready to embark on together. The internet has a vast range to offer, from a tour of the Cincinnati Zoo to Disney World to the Eiffel Tower. You’re basically on holiday right?!

7. Quiz night

Although you might be bored of quiz nights considering we’ve all probably done one every Wednesday for the last three lockdowns, this one will be a little different. Tying in with the theme of love, you could both create a list of 20 questions or so where you put your relationship to the test and see who knows each other better – kind of like an online version of Philip and Fern’s All Star Mr and Mrs.

8. Make some art

For this you’ll need some canvases and paints, or maybe just pens and paper depending on how much you feel like splashing out. Maybe it would be an idea to try and paint a portrait of each other and set a prize for the best. Or you could draw your ideal holiday destination that you want to visit together after the pandemic is over.

By Kirsty Massey