Tom Hanks plays a civil war veteran in this Netflix original. (Credit: Netflix)

After the Prime Minister’s announcement that the latest national lockdown will not see any restrictions until at least March, it’s time to settle in and see what Netflix can keep us entertained with this February.

Netflix is adding an array of blockbuster movies, independent films and new, Netflix originals series this month varying from English-speaking titles to German dystopian TV series. I’ve looked through what’s being added and have picked the 10 best films and shows coming to Netflix this February.

  1. Parks and Recreation (February 1st)

This mockumentary-style sitcom follows a Government park department through various hijinks. The series was a springboard for some major actors, Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World), Aziz Ansari (Master of None), and Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live).

Parks and Recreation is an easy, comedic watch which often recalls The Office and other irreverent TV comedies.

2. Snakes on a Plane (February 1st)

This cult classic is famous for that one line that could only ever be delivered by the one and only Samuel L Jackson. This claustrophobic action-horror hybrid follows the FBI trying to escort a high profile witness travelling to LAX to testify against a brutal mob boss.

Its release onto Netflix gives the perfect opportunity to stroll down memory lane and rewatch this classic.

3. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel (Limited Series) (February 10th)

A new Netflix original investigative series deep dives into one of the most peculiar deaths of the 21st century.  The show will explore the circumstances around Elisa Lam’s untimely death as well as the hotels notorious past.

This macabre series will be a perfect binge-watch for anyone with a love for true crime documentaries.

4. News of the World (February 10th)

Tom Hanks stars as a Civil War veteran in this Netflix original. Hanks is tasked with returning a young girl home as they face countless dangers on the road ahead.

After the success of Bridgerton, News of the World will be one of Netflix’s hopefuls for award season.

5. White House Farm (February 13th)

An ITV series that dramatises the 1985 murders at an Essex farmland and the police investigation that followed. Stephen Graham (This is England, The Irishman and Line of Duty) stars as the police officer solving these crimes that shook the nation.

A perfect chance to catch up on this if you missed its original ITV release.

Stephen Graham stars in the ITV drama; White House Farm (Credit: ITV)


6. The Debt (February 16th)

A 2010 film that follows Mossad agents who cross into East Berlin to catch a Nazi war criminal but thirty years later, the agents are brought back together by the secrets that haunt them.

Helen Mirren stars in this epic thriller and delivers a great performance.

7. Tribes of Europa (February 19th)

This German sci-fi series follows three siblings trying to save Europe after a global catastrophe splits the continent into various micro-states. 

Tribes of Europa looks like it promises to give a bleak look at 2074 while keeping us on the edge of our seats.

8. What Men Want (February 22nd)

A romantic comedy where one woman can hear exactly what men are thinking, originally released in 2019 this Adam Shankman film stars Taraji P. Henderson alongside Aldis Hodge.

What Men Want is a perfect, chilled Sunday afternoon film to watch as you wonder where the weekend has gone.

9. Made You Look: A True Story about Fake Art (February 23rd)

Made You Look is a true-crime documentary that explores the largest art fraud in American history, imagine Tiger King with all its bizarre twists and turns but swap the lions and tigers for Pollocks and Rothkos.

A slightly less gory, but nonetheless still a riveting hour and a half of true crime.

10. Pelé (February 23rd)

This feature-length documentary details the life of one of sports most incredible athletes, Pelé. The film details his sporting achievements as well as life as the most famous footballer in the world.

If this is half as good as The Last Dance it will be one of the highlights of Netflix’s recent releases.

By Ethan Jones