Chloe Bucknell, founder of CB Digital Design LTD and colleague Elizabeth have recently launched a 10-week work placement programme for University students to help boost their confidence and skills in the industry. Ellie Dennehy speaks to both of them about what they hoped to achieve from the programme and why they launched it. 

Chloe Bucknell founded the marketing agency, CB Digital Design LTD in May 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Shortly after, Elizabeth, Marketing Communications Manager, and Chloe then created the 10-week work placement for students eager to gain valuable skills within the marketing industry.

This programme included 18 Nottingham Trent University students completing different tasks to a deadline each week. For example, creating brand mood boards, brand reveals, email newsletters, press releases and many more. 

Chloe set herself a goal ever since becoming a dual business owner, to: “Give the next generation an opportunity to follow in my footsteps.” Chloe studied Event and Business Management at Manchester Metropolitan University and launched her first business whilst writing her dissertation. This business was in the hospitality industry and due to the recent struggles in the industry as a result of COVID she went on to found CB Digital Design LTD.

“give the next generation an opportunity to follow in my footsteps

Chloe spent over 100 hours in total volunteering at a range of businesses during her degree. She said: “I appreciate that those hours and additional research is what has got me to where I am today.” Chloe is extremely passionate about creating opportunities for students who are just starting out in their career and still deciding what they want to do in the future, and this is why she created the programme.

By creating these 10 week placements Chloe hoped to: ”Boost students confidence to succeed in whatever they put their mind to.” The initial aim of the programme was to show various elements of a fast-paced marketing agency, to broaden students’ mindsets on what areas of marketing they’d like to go in to.

Elizabeth, who studied Journalism at Nottingham Trent University also added that: “The final year of University is full of so much stress and anxiety, with a pandemic added, future plans may seem bleak.”

They both wanted to help students stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs and with both of them having experienced graduating into a competitive industry, they felt it would be valuable for them to work in a real-life marketing agency.

From personal experience, they both found it hard to know what they’d like to pursue until they actually took part in work experience in a real-life setting. Therefore they created the programme to allow students to “dip their toes” into different parts of the industry.  

Elizabeth said: “Work experience is so important and should not be forgotten about during this pandemic.” CB Digital Design LTD created an amazing and rare opportunity for 18 young people who are passionate about marketing. Chloe said they loved every minute of working with all the students and: “We’re looking to launch two more programmes in 2021, in design and social media marketing.” 

This programme helped a number of students gain an insight into a small agency and gave them invaluable skills they can take on to other work placements and careers they choose to pursue.

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