Loughborough Road crossroads, East Leake. Credit: Google

A plan to lower the speed limit on a road in Rushcliffe will go ahead in an effort to prevent road traffic accidents.

The new regulations would see the speed limit be reduced from 60mph to 40mph, as well as a partial closure on Rempstone Road, East Leake. 

Despite objections from residents, the council explained that personal injury collisions (PIC’s) over the last five years had factored into their decision. 

The suggestions were made in a meeting of the Nottinghamshire County Council Communities and Place Committee, November 5. 

Councillor John Cottee, who chaired the meeting, said: “In the period 1st January 2015 to 30th April 2020 there have been five PICs, all resulting from vehicles overshooting the junction onto Loughborough Road. 

“The physical closure of one arm of the crossroads will remove traffic movements directly across Loughborough Road and so mitigate this risk and improve safety at the junction. 

“The closure would apply to motorised vehicles only, access would be retained for pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders.” 

Whilst accidents were the chief issue brought up by the council, locals felt as if the new regulations could have damaging consequences. 

Several objections were raised by residents that were concerned with the increased traffic congestion that the order could bring. 

Among the sixteen complaints were the East Leake Parish Council, and the notes of the meeting outlined their criticisms.

“Concerns included that the proposals would increase traffic congestion at other junctions most notably at the Loughborough Road / A6006 Melton Road junction, increase journey times and potentially lead to more vehicle collisions at other junctions. 

“Respondents also stated that junctions in the surrounding area were already subject to congestion at peak times or were unfit for purpose. 

“One respondent objected to the lower limit, stating that it would increase congestion and inconvenience rural residents.” 

Having laid out the agreement and their responses to the objections, the committee confirmed that the new regulations will go ahead as planned. 

By Jack Thurlow