The Nott'm Lass in one of her printed t-shirts. Credit: Instagram @thenottmlass

Lucy Alexandra Mearns started her Youtube channel, The Nott’m Lass, in 2018 and it has been growing ever since. Emma de Duve speaks to her about how she has had to adapt her videos during the pandemic.

Lucy has lived in Nottingham for most of her life and began uploading videos to Youtube, in 2010.

Initially, her content was based around a music career she was hoping to pursue, after studying it in college and at Manchester University.

The content took a turn after she decided to take her passion for videography and create the videos, on Youtube, that she currently does.

“I love creating content for people to watch and interacting with people in the same community.”
Lucy Alexandra Mearns, 25

She thought that Youtube was the best platform to share her content and knew that, if she succeeded, she could make a living from it: “I love creating content for people to watch and interacting with people in the same community.”

When Lucy started the channel, she was creating videos on various topics, including: LGBTQ+, student life in Nottingham, story times and reviews.

The 25-year-old uploads once or twice a week and she has recently been filming content about hiking in The Peak District.

Lucy Alexandra Mearns in Sherwood Pines, Mansfield. Image credit: Instagram @thenottmlass

However, the current restrictions have meant her love for travel vlogs has come to a halt and she has had to get creative with her ideas!

Her creativity was shown in her most recent video, titled ‘My FIRST Wild Camp & NEW TENT,’ which was actually filmed in her living room with a make-shift tent.

Staying local whilst filming her videos has had an impact on her channel: “My viewers like to see videos of the big walks in Derbyshire…Therefore, my subscriber count and views are not going up as fast as I would have liked.”

Despite the restrictions, Lucy is staying positive about the future of her channel and wants it to become the, “go-to site for anything travel.”

Lucy Alexandra Mearns’ Youtube channel, The Nott’m Lass. Credit: The Nott’m Lass (Youtube)

She is hoping to travel to various parts of the UK, immediately after lockdown and then further down the line explore Europe in her car: “Now that I have a DJI Mini 2 drone, I am even more excited to film things from a different perspective.”

Growing her business, even when restricted to her house, has been possible through the brand she has created for The Nott’m Lass.

She is currently selling mugs, magnets and t-shirts as well as receiving hiking related gear from some companies, both avenues she hopes to develop in the future.

You can check out her Youtube channel here and follow her Instagram @thenottmlass

By Emma de Duve