Image: As Valentine's Day is approaching, florists are torn on stock orders (Credit: Samuel Phillips)

Valentine’s day is approaching and florists are having to undergo preparations for the first of its kind in lockdown.

Although it may be presumed that this time of year is a sure-fire way for florists to get orders in, there have been some issues.

Vannessa Baines, 60, has owned ‘Flowers on Main Street’ in Keyworth for 11 years. She said although there had been lots of online orders, they have lost the “oh, I’ll just pop in after work” purchases.

The shop also offers orders for events like weddings and funerals which have slowed down this year and decreased in size due to the limitations surrounding attendees during the pandemic.

Image: Flowers are a staple of Valentine’s Day, but what happens in a lockdown?

As Keyworth has a large older community, the online orders have been a struggle for them and some do not realise they cannot just walk to the shop without pre-ordering. The main thing for the shop has been making themselves visible and advertising wherever possible so that the community know that they are still trading and that it is still possible to buy flowers.

“Don’t go back to supermarkets… Keep it local”

Vanessa Baines, 60, Flowers on Main Street

Another point of confusion at the moment is the effects of Brexit. A large proportion of flowers in the UK are grown in Holland and exported here. Although Ms Baines has not had any issues herself, she knows many other people in the floral industry who are having to wait longer for orders and pay more because of the new import duties.

Image: Imported flowers will begin to cost more post-Brexit

One positive that has come out of the situation this year is that people are buying local. ‘Flowers on Main Street’ have seen an increase of local business during the lockdown interludes when they can open rather than this custom going to supermarkets and larger shops online.

For Valentine’s Day there have been a few orders already but Ms Baines said, “Valentine’s Day is different to events like Mother’s Day. It’s always last minute and I’m sorry but it’s always men coming in the day before.”

For now, Ms Baines is tussling with red rose order numbers as she cannot sell them after V Day.

By Adam Baker