He later admitted four counts of indecent assault under the Sexual Offences Act 1953. (Image credit: Nottinghamshire Police)

A paedophile who indecently assaulted two girls in the 1990s has been jailed for six years and nine months.

Martin Ashmore, 58, assaulted one of the girls several times, committing the first of his offences when she was just 11-years-old.

This occurred at addresses in the Mansfield area and was finally uncovered when his victim approached police last year to report him.

Ashmore, of Spring Gardens, Sleaford, gave no comment when he was interviewed by detectives but later admitted four counts of indecent assault under the Sexual Offences Act 1953.

Three of those counts related to his first victim and the fourth to an offence committed against another victim in the Newark area.

Detective Sergeant Matt Grant, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Public Protection team, said: “Ashmore is a manipulative and predatory offender who coerced a vulnerable child into sexual activity over a number of years.

“As a man in his thirties at the time of these offences he knew full-well what he was doing was wrong but carried on regardless. What he may not have realised – or simply didn’t care about – was the very profound impact his actions have had on the lives of his victims, who have really suffered throughout their adult years as a result of what he did to them.

“So as Ashmore begin his sentence I would like to thank them for the courage they have shown throughout this investigation. Whilst I know that this sentence cannot undo the many years of hurt he caused them, I do hope it provides at least some degree of closure.

“I also hope that it serves as a reminder to others that Nottinghamshire Police takes all allegations sexual abuse extremely seriously. Regardless of how long ago it happened we are committed to getting justice for victims.”