Nottingham Vaccination centres have been busy since the start of the New Year. Image credit: West Bridgford Wire

A Nottingham pensioner has described their experiences at the Kings Meadow vaccination centre as “absolutely horrendous”, with long queues witnessed over the weekend. 

The site, which opened on January 14, saw large numbers of people receiving their Covid-19 jab on Saturday and Sunday.

Gavin Gillespie arrived at the Lenton vaccination centre for his appointment time of 1:15 pm however the queue was much longer than expected.

The 72-year-old from Giltbrook said: “It (the queue) consisted of the over 70’s, and their relatives, some in wheelchairs, some with walking frames, most looking frail, and with who knows what ailments.

“The temperature outside was about 3 degrees Celsius, so just above freezing, with a strong cold wind blowing, luckily it wasn’t raining or snowing as there was nowhere to go and get shelter.

“There were no seats, no indication of any toilets, nobody supervising the spacing, and nobody checking the welfare of the people in the queue, everyone was complaining.”

“People are going to these centres to try and protect themselves against disease, but in this case, they were being placed in danger by the system that is supposed to be protecting them.

“It took me just over two hours to get my injection, and when I came out, the queue was still as long as when I first arrived.”

Long queues at the King’s Meadow vaccination centre over the weekend. Image credit: Lauren North – The Nottingham Post

This comes after it was revealed that vaccination numbers for people in the over 80 age category in Nottingham are the third lowest in England.

Others have described a more positive experience at different vaccination centres in the county, including the Queen’s Medical Centre, the Forrest and Mansfield.

However, many are still experiencing queues like those seen at Kings Meadow over the weekend.

In response to the weekend’s events, Sally Longford, Councillor for Lenton and Wollaton East, tweeted: “Well @NHSNottsCCG I’m hearing our elderly people have been queuing outside Kings Meadow #Vaccination Centre this afternoon, in this weather! Some gave up & went home. Please get this sorted before tomorrow.”

NHS Nottingham has been approached for comment.

By Jessica Goddard