There might not be many parties or events for you to go to at the moment, but these bakers are still working hard to provide delicious sweet treats, through their Instagram pages.

Ocean McDonald started selling her cakes at the end of 2018 and loves making money from something she enjoys doing, while making others happy with her bakes.

Her favourite thing to bake is big celebration cakes, despite the reduction in business during lockdown: “People aren’t able to gather or hold parties/events etc, which means they also don’t really need cakes.”

Two of Ocean’s lovely homemade cakes. Credit: Instagram @oshbakes

She described baking as a good stress relief and something that can keep your mind distracted for a little bit.

Follow her Instagram: @oshbakes

Tanya Boothe, 49, began her business after inspiration from a trip to New York in 2008.

“I wanted to leave behind the corporate life and earn a living doing something I’m passionate about”
Tanya Boothe, 49

Business has also been a bit slow for Tanya during lockdown due to her focus usually being on events, which are not currently being held.

Some colourful cakes made by Tanya. Credit: Instagram @bluebellbakes

She also explained her struggle of getting ingredients and boxes towards the beginning of lockdown but continues to make her treats because of her baking desire, which is why she started the business: “I wanted to leave behind the corporate life and earn a living doing something I’m passionate about.”

Follow her Instagram: @bluebellbakes

Ellie Lake, 29, created her business in June 2020, after years of wanting to start but not having the confidence.

She left her teaching job to move to Australia but the pandemic forced her back to England and, after no luck in finding a job, she took to baking: “I decided to finally follow my dream and start selling my bakes.”

A double birthday cake and some mint aero brownies, made by Ellie. Credit: Instagram @lakeysbakes

Her treat boxes were being made to raise money for Coppafeel! (a breast cancer charity, based in London) after her best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She then realised that people were willing to purchase her bakes so she expanded her business through social media and now has over 4,000 Instagram followers.

Ellie says she would recommend baking to anyone: “It really helps maintain a positive mindset because it gives me something to focus on.”

Follow her Instagram: @lakeysbakes

If you want to treat someone during this difficult time, support some small businesses and if you live in or locally to Nottingham, have a look at all three pages!

By Emma de Duve