Get motivated this National Get Up Day. Image credit: Pixabay

Today is National Get Up Day! It can be hard to get up on a Monday at the best of times, but during lockdown it can be even tougher. Here are some tips to motivate you to get up and go this winter morning.

It is Monday and the start of another month so there is no better time to start your day properly.

If you didn’t manage to stick to the New Years Resolutions you made on 1st January, why not use this new month to give yourself some tasks and get you up?

Make your bed:

Making your bed is an easy task for the morning

This is such a simple task which many people don’t do in the morning. It’s a good way to get you out of bed and make your room look tidy, before you get on with the rest of your day.

Go for a walk or a run:

Going out and getting some fresh air is a great way to start your morning.

Parkrun at Forest Recreational Ground, Nottingham. 7th March 2020.

Whether that is a light stroll or a run round the park, getting fresh air will make you feel more awake for the rest of the day.

Read a book:

If you want more of a relaxed morning, why not pick up a book to read before you start your day.

The Twins of Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. Credit: Molly Cross

Reading a few pages or a chapter of a book can get your mind going and give you some more time to wake up.

Make yourself some food:

Depending on what time you get up, making yourself some nice food will keep you full and satisfied, making it easier to get on with your everyday tasks.

Baked oats, perfect for breakfast and a homemade carbonara for lunch or dinner. Credit: Instagram @food_at_uni

There are recipes all over the internet and social media, whether you want to make a quick breakfast or a family dinner.

Doing any of these things will help you start your day and what a better time to do these things than the 1st February!

By Emma de Duve