Credit: Nottingham Police PD Rambo

On January 31, Rambo the police dog was deployed to a building site on Barton Way, Chilwell, after an intruder, who had slipped police earlier, had been caught on CCTV.

This was around 2.40am on Sunday morning, where the Belgian Malinois was on the intruders tail.

Only 20 minutes later the officers had managed to arrest a 40-year-old on a suspicion of attempted theft, currently having been released pending further enquiries.

Despite losing the man within the site, there was no evidence that he had left the site completely, and that’s when PD Rambo’s sniffer skills were put to the test.

Sergeant Jay Lee, of Nottinghamshire Police’s Dog Section, said: “The dogs are such a valuable asset to have, particularly in these situations, and their senses make it hard for those we’re searching for to escape us.

“This search was brought to a conclusion and a man was arrested very quickly thanks to Rambo’s keen nose after CCTV and other resources were no longer able to find him.

“This is exactly where the dogs come into their own and it just shows their ability to provide a service that can’t be matched by people or technology.

If anyone has any information about this incident, contact Nottingham Police on 101 and quote incident 53 of 31 January 2021.