Wollaton Hall and Deer Park is a perfect spot to take that special someone.

As we’re stuck inside and restaurants are closed, it might seem that Valentine’s Day has been either a massive success or failure depending on your preference.

However, all is not lost. Here are the most romantic places to take your significant other in the middle of a global pandemic in Nottingham.

Green’s Windmill and Science Centre

Although windmills are typically not the most exciting monument in the world, one just outside the heart of a city centre does make things a bit more interesting, it’s either that or the spiralling views looking past Sneinton. The reaching views of the horizon give the perfect backdrop to a stroll round the parks.

The windmill is only a 10-minute walk from the city centre and the initial walk can easily be extended to suit those who prefer to walk further distances.

Highfields Park

Highfields Park is another gorgeous place to wander around, the 52-acre park has splendid views of a massive boating lake which is surrounded by trees and fauna. The park is part of the University of Nottingham’s campus but remains open to the public during the pandemic.

The picturesque views make it the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. Whether you’re in a t shirt and shorts or wrapped in three layers, a visit to Highfield Park will put you in anyone’s good books.

Newstead Abbey

Home to one of the leading figures of the Romantic movement, Lord Byron, Newstead Abbey makes for the perfect Valentine’s excursion. Located 10 miles north of Nottingham, the abbey was a former monastery before becoming Lord Byron’s home.

The site has multiple walks of varying lengths, with points of interest along the way such as Byron’s oak, waterfalls and a fort.

Newstead Abbey was home to romantic poet Lord Byron.

Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall is a staple of Notts life, and it’s clear to see why. The views are magnificent no matter which way you look, the chance to see stags walking across the fairway and, the spectacular manor house which sits at the top of the grounds.

Wollaton provides a mixture of convenience, awe, and nature to make this one of the prime spots for an active Valentine’s day.

Holme Pierrepoint Hall

Holme Pierrepoint Hall is the first on the list that has an admission fee. The £5 entrance fee for adults is a small price to pay to walk in the 30-acre grounds, home to over 60 types of planting and woodland. At the moment the hall is home to a carpet of snowdrops that blossom in February and signal the arrival of Spring.

By Ethan Jones