With almost all of us having fallen victim to the dreaded lockdown birthday,  here are some top tips and ideas on how to make it one to remember…

A delicious breakfast will start off the special day right and the options are endless! Think luxury brunch. Smoked salmon, eggs, avocado, Buck’s Fizz or perfectly fluffy pancakes. Take your pick and set up your kitchen to mimic your favourite breakfast spot – you’d never know the difference. 

In terms of decorations, going all out is a must for a birthday stuck inside- no excuses. Pick a colour scheme and get stuck in with choosing balloons, banners and confetti (all ordered online of course). Become an event planner for the day and have fun creating birthday decor heaven. 

Inevitably, after midday it starts to set in that you should be out partying and celebrating your next milestone instead of being cooped up due to an unforeseen pandemic but don’t fear, here are a variety of activities to distract you from this and liven up your day:  

  • Create a virtual cinema from home. Print out tickets tailored to each member of your household, provide great snacks (popcorn, chocolate covered strawberries, drinks) and get the birthday girl/boy to pick the film you’ll be watching
  • Missing festival season? Set one up in your own home. Conjure up images of your favourite festival and the sights, sounds, scenes and recreate it! Have fun making a playlist and remember to pick a suitable festival name and plaster it all around the house. You could even switch music genres in each room to make it more realistic 
  • With escape rooms only just becoming the craze in recent years, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Having now gone virtual for obvious reasons, they’re a brilliant activity to add to the birthday schedule and a variety are available online with options varying from horror themed to casino themed

To bring the day to a close grab a special takeaway for dinner (remember to support local businesses!) and don’t forget to bring out the cake afterwards.

Use these ideas and tips to make a very different birthday a little more normal and certainly one to remember whilst you wait to properly celebrate.