The meeting was held at the Broxtowe Council building last night (2 February) Image credit: David Lally

Broxtowe Borough Council is to consider a policy change to increase their crackdown on rogue landlords.

If implemented, the policy would create penalties of up to £30,000 for certain offences often committed by those who flout required standards.

Under this new policy, the council would be afforded an alternative to prosecuting with no negative impact on compliant landlords.

In a report from Ruth Hyde, chief executive of the council, Mrs Hyde said: “The proposed introduction of the use of civil penalties is not intended to increase the level of enforcement activity but to allow a greater range of enforcement tools that can be considered and applied to the worst offenders.

“Currently, any issues with landlords are dealt with before a civil penalty would be issued, and so it is not expected that income would increase significantly under this policy.”

The report from the chief executive recommended that the committee approve the Private Sector Housing Civil Penalties policy.

The Housing Committee for the council is meeting virtually tomorrow to decide on the matter.

Pic credit: David Lally CC BY-SA 2.0