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by Samuel Elliot

Stuck inside all day? Craving some escapism? Well, our writers here at CBJTarget have you covered! Here are some of our top sports podcast recommendations for your daily dose of anecdotes, interviews, and insight!

Bring Back V10’s

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What’s it about: Formula 1
What to expect:
Interesting deep-dive stories from Formula One during its V10 era from 1989-2005
Who hosts: Glenn Freeman and Edd Shaw, both journalists for The Race
How often: Weekly
Where to listen: Available free on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes
Our writer Lewis Brumby says: This podcast provides deep-dive stories into a fascinating period of the sport featuring unknown behind-the-scenes stories and details about potential moves for some of its biggest stars such as the story behind Michael Schumacher’s debut and Alain Prost’s potential returns to the sport in the mid-90s.”

You can read more about Bring Back V10’s here

WEC Talk

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What’s it about: World Endurance Championship
What to expect: Interviews with prominent drivers, team owners and officials from the past and present of the FIA World Endurance Championship.
Who hosts: Martin Haven, WEC and freelance motorsport commentator
How oftenMonthly
Where to listen:
Available free on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes
Our writer Michael Callander says: “Hearing the stories of drivers from across the LMP1 (now Hypercar), LMP2 and GTE Pro/Am classes, their favourite circuits and battles of the season, and their paths to FIA WEC, is always fascinating. I especially love hearing from drivers who worked their way up the single-seater categories but couldn’t make it to Formula 1 due to funding, but who now have the chance to win one of the most prestigious races in motorsport, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

You can read more about WEC Talk here


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What’s it about: Cricket
What to expect: A loosely based cricket podcast with quizzes, music and a light-hearted look at the latest cricket news
Who hosts: Radio 1 DJ Greg James, Former guitarist for The Maccabees Felix White, James Anderson and Mattchin Tendaulkar
How often: Fortnightly
Where to listen: Available free on BBC Sounds, Apple music, Spotify, iTunes
Our writer Sam Elliott says: “A hilarious combination of inside jokes, cricketing insight and bonkers quizzes makes Tailenders my number one go to podcast. Guaranteed to make you laugh and perfect supplementary listening to the going’s on in the cricketing world.”

You can read more about Tailenders here

The Good, The Bad & The Rugby

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What’s it about: Rugby
What to expect: Hilarious commentary on all things rugby related from legends James Haskell and Mike Tindall. They navigate the constantly fluctuating landscape of the rugby world whilst giving their own unique perspective as former players.
Who hosts: James Haskell and Mike Tindall
How often: Weekly
Where to listen: Free on Spotify, iTunes, BBC Sounds, Apple music
Our writer George Cowell says: James Haskell is becoming a bit of a legend in the Rugby world, he had a decent career which included putting David Pocock in a box and mailing him back to Byron Bay in the 3-0 whitewash in Australia. All the lads who are involved in the podcast have interesting and fun point of views which make for compelling listening, occasionally there is even some substantial gossip that will capture the attention of any rugby fan, too!”

You can read more about The Good, The Bad & The Rugby here

Double Clutch

What’s it about: Basketball
What to expect: A UK based basketball podcast with content and discussion for people of all ages and genders
Who hosts: Matthew Wellington, Mike Miller & Nick Whitfield, NBA journalists
How often: Every few days
Where to listen: Spotify, Apple podcasts, YouTube, TuneIn

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Our writer Ashleigh Holland says: It’s a great way of keeping up with basketball news from all areas (UK and USA) and involves the British viewpoint analysing the American game which is rare and interestingThey’re accessible on Spotify and talk about all aspects including how politics is affecting the NBA, Covid-19 updates in the BBL etc. They also include coverage of the WNBA as well which is great to listen to.” 

You can read more about Double Clutch here