Firefighter Storey filming Crew Manager Mark Carrington during the Zoom call (Credit: Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service)

A Nottinghamshire fire station and its crew have helped ignite schoolchildren’s interest in the importance of fire safety.

Archbishop Cranmer Church of England Academy in Aslockton is currently promoting the topic of ‘people who help us’ and had hoped for firefighters from Bingham Fire Station to visit the school.

With current coronavirus measures meaning this was not possible, a talk was arranged on Zoom instead.

The presentation focused on the day-to-day duties of firefighters, including demonstrations with equipment and drone footage.

Firefighter Storey, who led the virtual visit, said: “We were originally contacted by Mrs Maxey, of Archbishop Cranmer Academy, who asked if we could do a visit.

“In the current climate this request was going to prove impossible, so it was a case of devising a method that allowed us to interact with the school without having them present.

“The children were engaged throughout and overall, I think it went really well.”

Since the talk, crews from around Nottingham have contacted local schools to further educate children on the roles of firefighters and the importance of fire safety.

The Bingham fire station is manned by 14 firefighters who work on an on-call basis around their day jobs.

Sarah Maxey, Early Years Lead at the school, thanked the crew for their efforts despite the circumstances.

She said: “Thank you to Bingham Fire Station for a fantastic virtual visit.

“It has ignited the children’s interest for the week’s learning which was all about the Fire Service.”