Laura Rose, fashion blogger

When life gives you lemons, start a journal. Chloe Keys caught up with Nottingham fashion blogger, Laura Rose, to discover just how important putting pen to paper can be for your mental health.

Growing up can be tough – from raging hormones to academic pressure and for some, it can get pretty overwhelming when you are unable to find an outlet to release these stresses out.

Six years ago, Laura Rose began her writing journey after the sudden death of a family member and hasn’t looked back since.

“I can’t express how much journaling has helped in processing my thoughts. I started struggling mentally after being bullied at school and losing my grandma.”

In a notebook given by her mother Rachel, the then 15-year-old Laura delved into her thoughts and feelings, writing anything that came to mind and years later, with only a few pages left to fill, journaling has become one of Laura Rose’s coping mechanisms to deal with her anxiety.


“I needed some way to understand how I was feeling about myself, journaling did and does that for me.”

Laura rose, Fashion blogger

Laura Rose’s very first journal which she began in 2015 (Image credit: Laura Rose

“Since I’ve struggled with anxiety, journaling has helped keep me afloat. I have massively reduced the number of panic attacks I have and in times like these when life is so uncertain due to the pandemic, writing is the one thing in my routine that brings stability.”

But where do you start? Here are Laura Rose’s tips for starting a journal:

Get a notebook

“My notebook has a quote that always makes me smile and has big enough lines so when I’m mid-rant I don’t need to concentrate on writing neatly!”

Having a notebook with a quote on it is key (Image credit: Laura Rose)

Take it everywhere with you

“You never know when you’ll need it. I’ve journaled in my notebook in five different countries, it should follow you around.”

Never feel guilty for what you write

“No matter if it’s a sentence or 10 pages, it’s all about getting out your honest feelings and how you feel, there’s no set rule! Remember it’s for your eyes only!”

Don’t force it

“A really important tip I learnt was only to write whenever I feel like it. Some days it’s apart of my daily routine if I’m feeling particularly anxious that week, others I skip it. It should match how you feel, don’t let it become a chore.”

Now, pick up your favourite pen and get scribbling…