Alicia Perryman, winner of the award

Alicia Perryman, 21, used the well-deserved prize money from the award to further her education and illustration career.

The resident of Newark won the innovative award after being nominated by her former teacher at Newark College.

The Innovative Award for Young People is given by the Nottingham Building Society to a young person who has done something significant to further their education and boost their career prospects despite any challenges they may have faced.

Alicia is currently studying Illustrations at The University of Lincoln and has always had a passion for art since her early childhood.

She said: “It was a real confidence boost – I know I’m not the most amazing illustrator out there but it was refreshing not to be overlooked.

“Honestly, at first when the email popped up I thought it was one of those spam messages saying I’d won something! I’m glad I actually read it though as it made my day.”

As part of the award Alicia has won £250, which she will spend towards a new laptop that can better handle the illustrator software she needs for her studies.

She added: “I’ve always found art not only enjoyable but very effective as a form of self expression and story telling.

“My favourite part about studying illustration at Lincoln is that I am being challenged to do things I wouldn’t normally think of doing.

“Therefore I am learning new things that I am capable of doing as well as feeling constantly inspired by my briefs and the work of my fellow course mates.”

Credit: AperrymanArt

By Laycie Beck