New mums of the pandemic

In hindsight, the blockbuster film “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” barely scratches the surface in revealing the challenges of impending parenthood as Chloe Keys hears exactly what it is like giving birth and becoming a new mum in a pandemic.

Undoubtedly, every new-mum-to-be dreams of baby showers, clothes shopping and proudly showing off the tiny human miracle growing inside of them. However, due to the Covid-19 rules and restrictions of the past year, many new mums across Nottinghamshire and beyond have found the experience quite like no other.

Hucknall facilities manager, Lucy Boam, gave birth to her daughter in December 2019 prior to the pandemic but admits that raising her child throughout three national lockdowns has brought an “assortment of feelings”.

“It has been a complete emotional rollercoaster and when you rely on family to help and assist, the lockdown brought great restrictions.”

Lucy Boam and daughter Mallory (Image credit: Lucy Boam)

“I have the upmost respect for anyone with more than one child. With a positive Covid result from my husband, we had no alternative but to stay locked indoors and ride out our 14 days of isolation and that in itself was one of the most testing times.”

Some 100 miles south in North London, Amy Sessions reveals whilst there has been some lows, being furloughed and locked inside with her husband George throughout her pregnancy, gave them the time they needed to properly prepare for baby River’s arrival in October 2020.

She says: “We were able to think about how we wanted River’s room to look. Being at home and spending quality time together allowed us to get excited for our arrival and we became so close.”

Amy, River and George Sessions enjoying a winter walk (Image credit: Amy Sessions)

Experiencing the excitement of scans with her partner were strictly off-limits as many NHS Trusts banned partners from attending appointments in order to protect NHS staff from the Covid-19 disease.

She adds: “The atmosphere in the hospital when I’d go in for my scan was really tense as everyone was masked up.”

“my parents weren’t allowed to come close to my belly or feel their first grandchild kick.”


As a nanny by trade, Amy has spent countless afternoons chasing kids around parks and chatting with mums in playgroups, something she always imagined doing the same for her own.

“With my job, I am used to taking all my children that I nanny for out and about and I just feel really guilty that I can’t take my own as nothing is open.”

Despite the ongoing battle of the pandemic and the extremely devastating impacts that it brings to all, it is important to reflect that at the end of it, you have a healthy baby; that’s all that really matters.