An elderly couple from Radford were told they have to go to Derbyshire to get the vaccine done as there were no appointments available to book in Nottingham.

Allwyne, 75, and David Spottiswoode, 80, rang to book an appointment yesterday afternoon, January 27.

Over the phone, they were told there was no local availability in Nottingham at the time, and the nearest option would be Derbyshire.

Mr and Mrs Spottiswoode were left ‘very distressed’, as they are both considered high risk.

Their youngest daughter Ruthe Sawyer, of Sherwood, 32, said: “My parents were really distressed yesterday.

“They have been wanting this vaccine for a long time as they have been isolated and scared during the pandemic.

“My mum was in tears.”
Ruth said she checked the details online later at 5pm yesterday hoping she could find a nearest option.
She said: “My mum eventually gave me the details to I could check online and when I did they were correct, the nearest option was Derbyshire.
“They also gave me the options of Birmingham, Sheffield and Coventry.
“I didn’t select the need to have any accessible requirements either, as I thought that might bring down the options.”
Ruth told CBJ News that Mrs Allwyne has Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and her husband has had a triple heart bypass and other health concerns.
“I’ve told them that I will continue to check the website and let them know, but I’m a key worker and homeschooling – it’s just another added pressure”, she said.
Ruth said that she is hoping to see her parents soon.
Spottiswoode couple with their grandkids. (Credit: Ruthe Sawyer)
“My children, aged 2 and 4, are dying to give grandma and grandad a cuddle!”, she added.
A spokesperson for NHS Nottingham CCG further referred back to the instructions that are available on the website: “A letter from the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service to book online or by phone.
“Booking through this service will give you the option of having the vaccine at a special Vaccination Centre, or potentially a community pharmacy depending on whether these are available locally.
“It is important to note that the public will only receive a letter from the NHS Covid-19 Vaccination Booking Service if they live within 30-45 minutes from one of these sites.
“Therefore, very few Nottinghamshire residents will receive one at this stage.
“It is also important to note that should a person receive a national letter, they can wait for their local letter if that is more convenient.”