Dr Shan Hussain, 46, is a GP at Jacksdale Medical Centre and has been a medical practitioner for 13 years. (Credit: Dr Shan Hussain)

A local GP was blocked on his vaccination shift after being told that he doesn’t have “the required skill of a vaccinator”.

Dr Shan Hussain, 46, is a GP at Jacksdale Medical Centre and has been a medical practitioner for 13 years.

Despite administrating ‘thousands’ of vaccines during his career and completing all the training, he was suddenly blocked on his first shift on January 26.

He was told later that this was due to a ‘technical issue’.

Dr Hussain said: “I completed all the online training – it is not clear why suddenly an individual decided that I wasn’t able to give a vaccine despite me administrating thousands of vaccines in my professional career.

“It looks like there are some structural problems within the bureaucracy of giving permissions to vaccinate.

“And I’m hopeful and confident that these will be overcome very quickly.”

Although the problem has since been solved and the GP can now administer the vaccine in a local centre, he agreed these technical issues could slow down the process.

He added: “There have been obstacles in terms of people who are are clearly capable of administrating the vaccine – they have to go through an entire training to administrate this vaccine, which it seems puzzling.”

However, Dr Hussain had his first shift yesterday and is now looking forward to do more sessions.

“It was excellent”, he said.

“The team are so organised and the atmosphere was very positive.

“And the patients seemed very grateful – it was great to administer the vaccine to so many people and see the relief on their faces afterwards.”

Dr Hussain reinforces that these issues should be overcome so “we can get as much population vaccinated as soon as possible”.

“I think that we have to remember that every year GPs in Nottingham do successful vaccination campaigns for seasonal flu and we got to lean on that experience and empower those GPs to take this responsibility”, he added.

“What we can achieve when were not obstructed from bureaucracy problems is actually powerful and I do hope that this will enable us to continue doing our important roles without any interference.”