Man sentenced after chase across 2 counties Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

An elderly man was repeatedly kicked during a horrific burglary by a man who smashed his way in to his house with a hammer.

The man’s and his wife also suffered cuts when they were pushed to the glass-strewn floor and the pair were threatened during the terrifying incident.

Following a police investigation, Carl Thomas, of no fixed address, was sentenced to four years in prison at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday, Januray 27.

The 53-year-old admitted the burglary in Hawthorn Close in Edwalton just after 8.20pm on Thursday 3 December 2020.

The investigation began after a report was made that a man had broken in to a house and caused significant damage.

The elderly couple were sitting in their front room when they heard a smashing noise coming from the adjoining kitchen, and after taking a look they saw that the kitchen door was being attacked with a hammer.

After causing this damage, Thomas then unlocked the door, went inside the house and began the attack.

He then demanded money from the couple before escaping.

The couple also suffered cuts as a result of the glass on the floor.

Detective Constable Tony Tonks, who investigated the incident, said: “This was a horrific incident which left an elderly couple injured and extremely frightened.

“The impact that burglary has on its victims is huge. It’s an invasion of privacy and also causes people to fear for their safety, and it is something that we take extremely seriously and investigate thoroughly when we receive reports of this nature.

“Thomas’ actions were both brasen and brutal, and such behaviour is completely unacceptable in Nottinghamshire.

“We very much welcome this sentencing at court today.

“It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication that our officers have in investigating such crime and most importantly there is one less criminal on the county’s streets.

“We would reassure and encourage anyone to make a report should they need to and we continue our efforts to tackle burglary and bring those responsible to justice.”