England's lockdown to last for at least three more weeks. (Credit: National Health Action Party)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has extended England’s lockdown for another three weeks until March 8.

Mr Johnson first took part in PMQs at 12pm yesterday (January 27), followed by urgent questions at 12.30pm at the House of Commons.

Then, later in the evening, he held a press conference.

The PM said that schools will no longer be able to open after the February half term, but that he hopes they will be able to go back by March 8.

He said: “We all want to be able to reopen schools when we can be sure it will not cause a huge surge in the disease.

“We need to be sure the vaccine rollout is continuing to be successful.”

Mr Johnson revealed that the Government will set out its plans for reopening schools and ‘getting the economy moving’ from February 22.

He added: “We will work with parents, teachers and schools to develop a long term plan.”

He also said that the Government will extend free school meal arrangements, while developing a long term plan with teachers and schools so that students can catch up on lost time.

Addressing hotel quarantine, the Prime Minister said all UK nationals and residents arriving from some countries who cannot be refused entry will have to isolate in hotels for 10 days without exception.

Boris Johnson apologised to the British people after it was revealed that 100,000 deaths from coronavirus have been recorded.

The Prime Minister also confirmed that both the Pfizer and Astrazenica vaccines are effective against the UK variant.

By Olimpia Zagnat