Credit: NHS

Between now and September, the UK is looking to gradually lift lockdown restrictions.

The government has begun to outline a plan that will see Britain ease away from the currently implemented lockdown rules.

A timeline of key re-opening dates has been drafted, outlining three stages – starting with the reopening of schools, then moving to shops and finally pubs.

The plan will also likely include information on when domestic and foreign travel could start again.

Whilst the plan will depend on whether the coronavirus infection rate is successfully reduced, here are some key dates worth looking out for.

February 15

This is the date of the review of the third lockdown, as set by the Prime Minister at the start of January.

This is the date vaccine experts set for all in the top four most vulnerable categories to have been offered their first dose.

February 22

Boris Johnson said the lockdown exit roadmap will be published in the week of February 22.

The plan could see England return to the regional tier system.

March 8

The earliest date schools could reopen in England.

March 15

A potential reinstatement of the rule of six, allowing you to meet up with five others, from the middle of March.

May depend on your region based on infection rates.

March 31

This is the date the current lockdown legislation for England ends.

April 5

The likely date non-essential retail will reopen

April 30

All over-50s and at-risk groups are meant to have been offered their first dose, according to the NHS.

May 3

Under the suspected plan, this would be the earliest date for reopening pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses – coinciding with May bank holiday.


Second doses to over-50s should be finalised – the middle priority group.

July is the earliest prediction for all adults to receive their first dose of the vaccine.

September 1

The Government aims to have offered a first dose of the vaccine to every adult by September.

By George Chouls