It’s so easy to focus on the negatives going on around us, and forget to appreciate the little things in life that bring us happiness. Everyone needs some positivity thrown into their manic days, so here are a few reminders why today is a good day!

To start with, today is national daisy day, national lego day and national kazoo day. A random combination, but there must be someone celebrating them somewhere…

Laura Lake announcing what photo had been shortlisted on her instagram. @Laura_Jane_lake.

A self taught lockdown photographer has been shortlisted for a national photography award. Laura Lake, a pub assistant manager taught herself how to use a camera and zoom lens during the first national lockdown, and now she’s been shortlisted for The British Photography Awards.

Next up, there has recently been a invention of pregnancy tests for women with sight loss, so they are able to find out they are pregnant themselves. You forget about the little things like that, where those who fall pregnant with no sight won’t be the first to know they are pregnant. That will no longer be the case! Check out to find out more.

If you watched Katie Price’s recent BBC documentary ‘Harvey and me’ following the journey of finding him further education at a college, you’ll know his love of trains. He’s recently been offered his dream job by Network Rail to make a train announcement at one of the stations managed by the company!

Pregnancy test for those with sight loss design. Photo credit: RNIB See differently.

500,000 people pledged to complete ‘veganuary’ this year which is double from the number from last year. Little things like this help our planet.

Finally, tomorrow is Friday meaning we are nearly at the weekend! We made it!

Don’t let the bad news distract you from everything good in the world.

Have a good rest of the week and try and find positives in everything you do!