Credit: Mini First Aid

Children across Nottinghamshire and Chesterfield are using their time in lockdown to learn first aid through free online workshops.

Maria Mathews is the Owner and Trainer of Mini First Aid Nottingham and Chesterfield, a service which teaches children first aid through a variety of classes and workshops.

During the lockdown Maria has been offering free pre-recorded workshops of children’s first aid, which are accessed by hundreds of parents.

Maria said: “I know how much parents are struggling, being one myself, I wanted to help the local community give their kids some activities to do that they would enjoy whilst at the same time potentially learning how to save a life.

“Children are so much more capable that what we sometimes realise; they soak information up like a sponge and can save lives just like adults can.

“Its important for children and adults to learn first aid so we can all look out for each other and save lives.”

Each of the free workshops are 30 minutes long and covered various different areas of first aid and scenarios.

The first workshop focused on how to deal with an unconscious casualty, and included CPR and the recovery position, whereas the second workshop was how to treat bleeds and wounds with a standard first aid kit.

Children used either a doll/teddy, or a sibling/grown-up to practise their first aid skills on during the workshops.

The free classes are still available on Mini First Aid’s Facebook group.

Maria also teaches affordable classes and qualifications for first aid, including for children 3-6 years old, 6-11, 11+ and adults.

Maria added: “These classes can also be run in schools and meet the national curriculum requirements for teaching first aid in schools.”

By Laycie Beck