Ross only began streaming a year ago (Image credit: Ross Connell)

A board game enthusiast has raised thousands of pounds for charity through a series of livestreams.

Ross Connell, from Forest Fields, raised £2,150 for the homelessness charity Shelter by sharing tabletop gaming sessions on Twitch.

This cause was important to the streamer both personally and within the context of the pandemic: “Furloughs, redundancies and people becoming unemployed – that has a major impact on your financial security, and that’s very closely tied to your housing.

“Housing is one of the things that is easiest to take for granted but can completely throw your life out of loop if you lose it,” he explained. 

“On a personal note, my grandad, when he passed, was homeless.”

As a full-time freelance photographer, Ross specialises in photographing board games and has access to a large collection that many outside of the hobby may not have heard of.

Ross and a guest playing ‘Watergate’ (Image credit: Ross Connell)

These included woodland warfare game Root, an interactive version of Arabian Nights, the Yahtzee-style “roll & write” Smoothies and a political strategy game based on the Watergate scandal. 

Twice a week for the duration of December, Ross filmed the sessions – some single-player, others with remote special guests – and received donations via Twitch and JustGiving.

“One of the beauties of livestreaming is it gives you a platform beyond what you might expect,” he said.

“You might think ‘Who’s going to donate to a charity if I raise for it?’, but I didn’t even have a Twitch channel a year ago and by the end of the year I raised over £2k.”

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By Jamie Morris