Frost taking over our gardens this winter

January feels a world away from Spring and the start of the gardening season but getting your garden prepared is the best way to see it bloom.

For gardeners, winter is restricting as it means getting out in the garden is much more difficult but to help yourself and your garden there is many ways to get ahead of the game.

Embracing the fresh air and spending time outside to prepare your garden comes along with benefits for your mind too. Susan Suggit, manager of Woodthorpe Park Plant shop said: “any fresh air and exercise is very good for mental health…even at this awful time. That’s why people love to garden as its back to nature, surrounded by birds and insects. It’s the start of seeding and planting bulbs so a new cycle of the season.”

Follow the tips below and by spring your garden and your mind will be in a better place.

Order Up

Seeds that have been bought in preparation for the spring

To be ready for the new season you have to have all the bulbs and seeds you require. This task is perfect for a rainy winters day as you can do it from the comfort of your own sofa. So get researching and find out what is going to make your garden shine this summer and make sure to check when they bloom as spreading out these times makes for a vibrant garden all season round.

Get tidying

A flowerbed full of weeds and stones that need removing

If you are ready to brave the cold and escape the inside then it is time to tackle the tidying. Since you last paid any attention to your flowerbed, greenhouse or any other area of the garden there may be some uninvited visitors, weeds. Get rid of any debris that has fallen from surrounding gardens or trees and leave your beds without a weed in site.

Giving the greenhouse some loving

Equipment needed to clean your greenhouse

If you are not a greenhouse owner then feel free to skip past this but for those who are, pay attention. A hose and broom are required for this part so I am sure you can guess what is coming next. Use your hose to wash down the outside of your greenhouse and make sure you also have some disinfectant to clear away an algae or moss, doing this ensures that the maximum amount of sunlight will get through to the plants inside. Now it is time to get your Cinderella shoes out and start sweeping, clear out all the dirt out and then give it a rinse down. Once you have done this make sure you leave the greenhouse open and ventilated for a couple of days.

Toolkit necessity 

Some tools that you may need to clean before the spring

Having the right tools is very important and making sure they are in good condition sits on par with this. Looking after your tools can save you money as it means that they will last longer with a bit of love and attention. Get all your tools out and give them a clean to make them sparkle and if you have time a quick sharpening will make your tools be at their best. By getting them all out early you will spot any breakages or gaps and can replace them ready for the gardening season.

Get creative with composting

A compost site made out of old wood

Composting is not only great for your garden but you are also limiting your food waste and who wouldn’t want to do that? Making a composting area is simple, you can either buy a ready made compost bin or get create and make it out of spare wood. This gives you an area to put all your organic food waste and once it has decomposed, compost that your plants will flourish in. Just make sure to turn it once a month otherwise it will not be aerated.

January has not been easy but with little things to do in nature it will help to ease your mind and forget for a second about dreary start to the year.