Some of EveryBitGaming's games for sale.

By Emma Guise

A Nottingham based retro-game dealer, reveals the most popular selling items in the past year and divulges everything you’d want to know about the best games to keep you entertained through lockdown.

Third lockdown in and people are becoming increasingly fed up. Back in the summer, the warmer and longer days meant time could be spent in the garden till late evening, sipping on gin and tonic and enjoying the sunsets. This time around, people are even more confined to their rooms, with the cold temperatures and short days.

One thing this time is great for however, is delving into a good video game.

Nathan Greenwood set up his company, ‘EveryBitGaming’ back in April 2012. Based in Nottingham, he explains how the idea for the business came to him:

“I got back into gaming while at college and then when I got my first weekend job and finally had a bit if money of my own, I started to buy a lot of the games I had when I was younger and then started to pick up things I never had but wanted and it sort of spiralled from there.”

“Almost 9 years on and we’ve sold tens of thousands of games, consoles and other geeky items to customers both online and at gaming events and conventions across the UK, mainly in the Midlands.”

Due to the pandemic, the last convention Greenwood was able to attend was in Nottingham in October 2019. This event made the papers due to the huge influx of people it attracted.

Some collectables Greenwood had for sale.

Being that his store was always online based from the start, the pandemic may not have changed much for Greenwood’s busy day to day schedule. However, he explains some of the complications since Brexit as well:

“A lot of the stuff we have, I import from Japan and I’ve seen a number of price increases in shipping, as well as the process taking considerably longer than normal. Our international orders have also gone down significantly.”

However, the popularity for some games and consoles has soared, the reason for this Greenwood explains:

“I think because people are sat at home with more time on their hands and less places to go, they’ve got back into gaming.”

He noted that during the first lockdown, sales of the Nintendo Wii console rocketed.

“Previously I had taken a Wii console to an event and couldn’t get rid of it for £20. Lockdown hit and they were selling upwards of £100!”

So what games does Nathan Greenwood recommend for anyone wishing to make this lockdown go a little faster?

  1. The Last Of Us, Part II. 

“An absolutely incredible game.”

2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 remastered.

“A great pick up and play game, just ten minutes here and there. Brilliant!”

3. Animal Crossing.

“It’s always been a popular series and seems to really have killed a lot of hours for people this year.”

To conclude, Greenwood reflects on the significance of video games for people:

“I think, especially at the moment everyone needs some sort of escapism and video games provide just that; whether it’s getting immersed in a fictional world or meeting like minded people to speak to and engage with online. More and more the importance and benefits of games are being realised.”

Be sure to visit Greenwood’s website for all kinds of treasures that will keep you entertained!