Fraser and Abigail share their journey with their 600 followers Credit: Instagram @thesherwoodhouse

A couple from Sherwood who got the keys to their first home back in August are documenting their complete renovation journey through their Instagram @thesherwoodhouse.

Abigail, 26, and Fraser, 31, initially created their Instagram page as a way of tracking their progress.

However, due to the renovation work being completed over lockdown, the page has also proved a useful tool in keeping them connected with their friends and family. They said:

“It’s been very useful in lockdown because no one is able to come and physically see the house so we wanted to keep family and friends who were interested, in the loop.”

Having never done anything remotely DIY related, the couple had a “sheer moment of madness” and fell in love with the house when they saw it, seeing the potential that it had.

Knowing the amount of work needed to be done, they started work on the house as soon as they got the keys to the 1950s semi.

“It was really dated so it literally needed everything ripping out and starting from scratch”, they say.

Building work hopes to be finished by mid February Credit: Instagram @thesherwoodhouse

Hoping to be done with the actual building work by mid-February, it’s safe to say that Covid-19 affected the progress the couple initially made due to the backlog for tradespeople work, meaning the work they couldn’t do themselves took longer than anticipated.

Despite this, Abigail and Fraser took advantage of the fact that they were in lockdown with little else to do – leading them to complete smaller tasks such as painting much quicker.

The couple continues to share their journey with their 600 followers and can’t wait to add the finishing touches, putting their own stamp on their home.