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There has never been a more appropriate time for the phrase ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ as few years have required us to embrace spending so much time in the great space of our indoors.

For those struggling with budgeting after the big Christmas spend or putting off the dreaded wardrobe declutter, Nottingham’s Queen of Organisation, ScrimpingwithSoph shares her secrets on staying motivated to transform your home and bank balance.

She said: “I love helping others and sharing my hints and tips and my account may help many people with their daily lives and this makes me happy!”

“I try and encourage people to join in my no spend challenges with me. It works great, and people love it and we all motivate each other!”

Here is a roundup of Sophie’s top six getting-your-life-together tips that you can implement right now!


1. The 10 Minute morning challenge

“This can really set you up for the day. The things I do is give the kitchen a quick tidy, organise dinner for the evening and give the downstairs a quick vacuum. Don’t forget to set your timer!”

2. Make a list

“Write everything down from your income to your outgoings. This way you can see how much you spend and how you can save”.

Setting weekly budget tasks is key for stretching your money (Image credit: @superscrimpingsoph

3. Unsubscribe from mailing lists

“Clear out that inbox and unsubscribe from emails. It’s very tempting when you get an email from a fashion brand with a massive discount!”

4. Sell, sell, sell!

“We are all guilty of having clothes we don’t wear anymore. Every few months give your wardrobe an organise and see if there is anything you could sell.”

5. Get rid of 3 items daily

“By doing this, you’ll be decluttering and organising without even realising and this will soon become a habit!”

Budgeting for 2021 guide (Image credit: @superscrimpingsoph

6. Bring back Piggy banks

“Every Sunday, see if you have any small change to put into a piggy bank which could come in handy for your Christmas shopping next year”.

To get involved, visit to join in with the ‘Scrimp with Soph’ challenge and learn more about how to organise your life and home.