Courtney Haymes, Individual Chair

Like many industries, hair and beauty salons across the UK have had to put down their tools and close as part of nation-wide lockdown restrictions. But who says you can’t replicate the in-salon freshness in our homes? Chloe Keys spoke to Courtney Haymes, otherwise known as ‘Individual Chair’ to get the lo-down on all things hair…

What are some of the major DONT’S for cutting your own hair at home?

“Every week I receive a message asking how to cut their own hair from home and I will always try and give you the best advice possible. Take your time and cut layer by layer, this will help stop the bulkiness and use the point of your scissors to snip into your line, this will hide slight mistakes if there is any. DON’T take your fringe and just cut straight where you think your length should be. This will result in a wonky fringe and will sit much shorter than expected.”

How can people achieve the classic bouncy blow-dry?

“Find your hairdryer nozzle attachment and your round brush, these are key! After washing your hair use some product in your hair, a leave in conditioner will help with smoothing and condition of your hair and if you have chance, try out Osmo’s Blow-dry Potion. This will help with hold and volume while helping reduce breakage. Take smallish sections of your hair and pull your hair up while drying and curling your hair round your brush, this will give you the volume and movement for a natural but bouncy blow.”

How can blondes maintain their colour?

“Maintaining blonde hair while keeping health can be difficult with a budget but it’s a price to pay to keep your hair looking beautiful. Sun and pollution can affect the colour of your blonde without you realising, yellow tones can be stubborn but with these products you can have salon finish colour always. My main tip is to wash your hair less! This will keep your toner fresher and last longer.”

What are your top tips for repairing hair damage?

“Keeping the condition of your hair is my favourite subject in hairdressing. I love recommending products to suit each individual client to fit around their lifestyle and time. I’m going to list my go-to products for straight, curly and wavy hair types and products to suit all price ranges.”

Courtney LOVES:

Kevin Murphy UN.TANGLED – This is for detangling and hydrating and can be used on wet hair before brushing to help comb out knots and tangles, it also has built in heat protection and restores shine!

Kevin Murphy Untangled spray (Image credit: hair2go)

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Treatment Masque – This masque is perfect for thinner wavy curly hair but is suitable for all hair types. It’s deep moisturising for the hair and scalp so it’s perfect for people out there with a flaky scalp. It also promotes healthier, fuller hair while reducing breakage and shedding.

Shea Moisture mask (Image credit: Supergrows)


Osmo Colour Save Shampoo and Conditioner – These retail for around £19 for the set on amazon or Sallys (these are 1 Litre bottles so these will last you a while!) This is for anyone with salon coloured hair as it will maintain your colour to keep your hair shining bright and moisturised. This shampoo has anti-fade technology and UV filters to strengthen cuticles while promoting a healthy shine. 

OSMO Colour Save duo (Image credit: justmylook)
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