Credit: Instagram @mr_wholesom3

Holding up a photo of Abraham Lincoln, Mr Wholesome asks a member of the public, ‘Who’s this?’, the response he receives: ‘Michael Jackson’.

This is just a glimpse into the content that Mr Wholesome creates on Tik Tok, asking the Nottinghamshire public seemingly easy questions which create hilarious responses, earning him a massive 261 million views and 26 million likes.

Mr Wholesome created his Tik Tok account in July, producing comedic short form videos, which were instantly a hit with viewers, he says: “I’ve seen other people do it online and found it quite funny, I’m generally a peoples person so I find getting out there and talking to strangers quite fun.”

Creating a mix of completely original content and adaptions of similar work, Mr Wholesome, 24, uses clever trick questions to gain funny responses from the public as well as questions that are deemed common knowledge, which is evidently proven otherwise.

With Tik Tok being an extremely popular platform, many have fallen victim to its tendency to produce one hit wonders, however Mr Wholesome continues to gain millions of views with every video he makes. Speaking of his success he says:

“A lot of my content evokes different emotions, so the stronger those reactions the better the video performs as well as an understanding of the algorithm.”

Surviving in lockdown thanks to a backlog of content, he has started moving some of his videos to YouTube to help boost growth, hoping that one day Mr Wholesome, (as he prefers to be known) becomes a household name.

“I’d like to fully establish myself as Mr Wholesome so my face is recognisable and expand onto YouTube more, which has already started.”