Candle glowing whilst being held

Nottinghamshire’s National Holocaust Centre and Museum hosting memorial events online for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The international memorial day always takes place on January 27th and with this year being unlike any other, the National Holocaust Centre will be holding their memorial events online.

The centre is exploring the theme of ‘Be the Light in the Darkness’ for this years theme and have organised a series of online events for people to get involved in.

This morning at 10am they will begin their national memorial event, which will be presented by Director of the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, Marc Cave.

Speakers for the national event will include Holocaust Survivor Dr Martin Stern MBE, HM Government’s Adviser on Antisemitism Lord John Mann, and well as Rabbi Eli Levin and Chairman of Chelsea FC Bruce Buck.

The centre previously hosted a Nottingham Memorial event which took place on January 26th 2021 at 11 am, with guests including Holocaust survivor Simon Winston BEM, Rabbi Tanya Sakhnovitch and Nottingham Forest FC Manager Chris Hughton.

During the week of January 18th the centre also hosted various other online events with other speakers, including Eva Schloss MBE and Dr James Smith CBE.

Usually the National Holocaust Centre is open most of the year in from 10am to 4:30am, but due to the Coronavirus they currently remained closed.