Dr Irfan Malik on standing together within all faiths for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

The Holocaust Memorial Day is a time to honour and remember the millions of Jews killed during World War ll, alongside past and present genocides, discriminations and prejudices the world face. Charlotte Lockie spoke to Dr Irfan Malik, who attends Holocaust Memorial Day events every year.

Dr Irfan Malik has been a GP in Sherwood, Nottingham, for 25 years but in the last 10 years has been involved in a lot of interfaith work, participating in many activities, such as peace events within the community.

Many of these events continue to strongly highlight types of extremism and hatred that has and is still happening in our world today.

Being from a Muslim community and a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, he has said,

“It is a must that all communities and faiths who are suffering and have suffered, stand shoulder to shoulder to learn from the past and prevent all types of hate and conflict happening in the future.”

Light a candle in honour of victims for the online Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 Event

Dr Malik will be speaking in the evening service at the Nottingham Online Candlelit memorial event for Holocaust Memorial Day 2021, honouring the millions of victims.

Throughout his talk, he will be discussing the devastating events that took place during the holocaust, as well as signifying the ongoing genocides that have and are prevalent in some parts of the world; wanting to provide a “strong message of piece and solidarity”, he has expressed.

Dr Malik explained that, “the holocaust was such a heart-breaking and terrible time, so the  importance of the memorial days are significant to remembering those lost and a time to challenge, so we can live in piece together.”

“provide a strong message of piece and solidarity”
Dr Irfan Malik

The Holocaust Memorial Day is 27 January every year and events are taking place throughout the day and week, remembering all Jewish lives lost.

The special online Candlelit Holocaust memorial event, organised by NCBI, will take place on 27 January 2021 at 6pm to 7pm virtually.

The service will involve ‘lighting a candle for each of the groups targeted during the Holocaust, as well as survivors, allies and to remember subsequent genocides,’ Holocaust Memorial Day Trust have announced.

A Jewish prayer of mourning will also be shared amongst the audience.

For more information on the service please visit: https://www.hmd.org.uk/activity/ncbi-nottingham-community-hmd-event/

Or contact: ncbinotts@ncbi.org.uk