Image Credit: Steve Harvey

Considering this is our third lockdown, we may have gotten used to the routine of preparing to fill our free time by pretending to like board games again or mindlessly scrolling through the depths of social media; the truth is, it doesn’t have to be quite so repetitive.

Whilst the streets may be silent and shopfronts anxiously eye up the board and nails, there is STILL fun to be had in Nottingham. With that said, here’s a taste of what you can STILL do during lockdown…

You can STILL…enjoy cinema

Image Credit: JESHOOTS.COM

By now we’ve probably all exhausted Netflix’s archive of blockbusters and boxsets, so it’s a good thing Nottingham’s Broadway cinema has us covered for the weird and wonderful flicks that even the most well-versed critic may have missed. With a host of new films picked on the daily, Broadway’s ‘Now Streaming’ initiative brings back the awe of cinema and puts it right between your own familiar walls. So grab the inevitable mountain of snacks, dim the lights and allow one of the city’s best-loved independent cinemas to do the rest. 

You can STILL…perfect those baking skills

Image Credit: Macau Photo Agency

There’s no reason that lockdown number three should stifle our creativity or, more importantly, our culinary skills. Fortunately the time you had reserved for ‘moping around and procrastinating’ can be better spent honing your pastry skills with the School of Artisan Food. On Saturday, January 30, the school will be running an online masterclass specifically for the sweet indulgence of Portuguese custard tarts and, considering each ticket covers the whole household, what better way to beat the lockdown blues together than by turning the kitchen into a hotbed of sweet treats. 

You can STILL…visit galleries and museums (virtually)

Image Credit: Arseny Togulev

Now hear us out. Us culture-loving folk have had our galleries, our museums and our historical points of interest robbed by the thieving coronavirus and the next best thing, being able to explore these venues virtually, is certainly worth getting excited over. 

Fortunately, turning your home into a museum or, indeed, an art exhibition isn’t beyond what’s possible thanks to v21artspace; the Nottingham based business dedicated to translating the arenas of culture into interactive 3D tours. Whether your tastes lead you to the National Justice Museum’s collection of emotive photographs of women living and working in prison or perhaps the prehistoric ‘Dinosaurs of China: Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers’ displayed (virtually) in Wollaton Hall and Lakeside arts; it’s no longer a pipedream to bring history into your home.  

You can STILL…enjoy the local cuisine 

Image Credit: Ryan Kwok

One of Nottingham’s talents is its ability to feed the soul no matter the palette and, thankfully, the lockdown hasn’t been able to change that. With a quick tap on delivery apps like UberEats and Deliveroo, you can enjoy some of the city’s best local cuisine without moving an inch. Fancy tackling a pie to be reckoned with? Check out Pieministers’s ‘The Mothership’. Craving a patty? Red Dog Saloon has a portfolio of monstrous burgers for you to get stuck into. If your buds can handle the hotter end of the spectrum then don’t miss The Cumin Indian Restaurant and their mouthwatering array of curries and seafood. Lockdown may keep us in but food stops for no-one; Nottingham is no exception. 

You can STILL…absorb the local culture

We’ve all had to get a little creative to retain a sense of normality during the national lockdowns and the arts industry is no different. Proudly displayed in the windows of the City Arts building, you can currently explore the profoundly personal survey of art titled Yesterday that spans 13 years by artist Honey Williams. A coalescence of sketches, diary entries and poetry, Yesterday delves into the uncomfortable but entirely necessary discussions of racism, colourism, misogynoir and other crucial conversations as part of a three-step exhibition called BLACK. With the exhibition open for all eyes in the City Art’s windows, is there a better stop to make on your daily slot of exercise?