Image: Lace Market bedroom designed by Emma Martin Interiors

We have all had a bit more time on our hands during lockdown and for many hours in the day, we have been staring at the inside of our houses. Adam Baker speaks to a Nottingham based interior designer about changes we can make to our homes.

Emma Martin, the owner of Emma Martin Interiors, seems to think there has been a shift in the approach to interior design, “People want to make their homes their own, everyone wants to make it more ‘you’ at the moment”.

Emma kindly gave me some free tips that I can share with you if you are going to be doing a bit of a home makeover yourself.

“Colour comes last” she said, you cannot just paint the walls a colour you like and choose some new carpet. You need to have a vision for your room before you start picking things, “you need to think about your room holistically.”

If you do not think you can think about your bedroom holistically then there are other options. Ms Martin has been working throughout the lockdowns over Zoom and Skype with her clients. You can show her the room that you are not happy with, she can have a virtual look around and suggest what she can do to realise your vision.

Image: Emma Martin, 40, Owner of Emma Martin Interiors

After working in offices in Human Resources for many years, Emma realised her calling when she bought a home of her own and started putting her stamp upon it. This made her want to do an evening course in interior design at the University of Nottingham and a business course to set up her own interior design company. She is now recognised as part of the British Institute for Interior Design.

She admitted this made her happier, the world that she is now a part of. One element of that is the way she can make other people feel with her work. “The smile is what makes me most proud”, she said as she spoke about what she does for her clients. She described it as a kind of therapy; some clients need more support and help to address a problem so it feels good for her to fix that issue that her clients are having. But the design process is just as enjoyable.

Image: Mediterranean bathroom designed by Emma Martin Interiors

Ms Martin’s business has not been affected too dramatically throughout the lockdown period. Although she has not been able to go into peoples’ homes to work, as mentioned earlier, she has been able to work via video-link.

This means her business has not necessarily been affected positively or negatively by the lockdown but has merely meant it has had to adapt. Her client numbers have stayed around the same- around three to five a month- but it’s hard to quantify as a consultation could take an hour, whereas managing one project could take months.

Something that could affect Emma Martin Interiors though is the development that the pandemic has made us forget about… Brexit.

“The smile of relief from a client is definitely what makes me most proud”

Emma Martin, 40, Owner of Emma Martin Interiors

Ms Martin has previously worked in Spain with her business and the new political situation would make this much more challenging in the future.

The next challenges for the world of interior design, not just Ms Martin, is sustainability.

A continued focus for Emma, and her final piece of advice to people planning this themselves, is the inclusion of good quality products and sometimes even antiques within her work because, “design is supposed to last.”