Nottinghamshire councillors "wholeheartedly reject" the idea. Credit: SIEMENS/PA Concept of HS2

The Prime Minister has been called to reject proposed HS2 downgrade which would massively effect the east of the country including Nottinghamshire

The original plan was for the HS2 railway to go through Toton, which is on the tram line, essentially connecting the city and county to the line.

Nottingham council believes the building of HS2 would bring many pros to the city including; an increased capacity and improved reliability, a new fleet of electric trains, longer, faster and quieter trains, and improved journey times

The downgrade has came after The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) had suggested that the line needs assessing.

An NIC spokesperson said it had offered the government a set of options for improving rail connectivity for the North and Midlands.

“Our analysis showed that prioritising regional rail links would likely deliver the highest economic benefits to the North and the Midlands, more quickly,” he said.

Nottinghamshire County Council leader Kay Cutts, Leeds City Council leader Judith Blake and Sheffield mayor Dan Jarvis said the NIC’s suggestions “would be a devastating outcome” for cities and communities where the line was due to go.

In their letter they state: “We wholeheartedly reject that report and urge the government to do the same.

“The NIC report is not fit for purpose – they were tasked with integrating these projects, not pitting them against each other.”

The estimated cost of delay per year is £4.9bn according the council leaders.

The Department for Transport plans to publish its Integrated Rail Plan in early 2021