Location on which the new student accommodation will be built (Credit: Google Map)

This seven-storey student block is set to be built on St Anns Well Road after the council approved the planning.

The luxury accommodation will house 356 student flats alongside other facilities such as a cinema, gym, and a laundry room.

Throughout the years a lot of student accommodation has been built to accommodate the increase of students moving to the city.

Within Nottingham there are two universities that have expanded exponentially and have attracted more students to their courses, requiring more areas for students to stay.

There was an issue in relation to parking and traffic in the area, as there’s an expectation that some students will have cars and councillors wanted to know if the area could withstand an increase.

Councillor Leslie Ayoola represents the Mapperley ward for Labour, and said: “Regarding the parking, I know there is an expectation that residents don’t have cars, but in the case that some do, is there ample parking spaces around the area to ensure we can withstand the number of cars which may come into the area, especially when you’ve got students coming in at the start and end of term.

“At that time there’s obviously going to be a lot of traffic in the area, so is there ample parking space?”

City council planning boss Martin Poole answered “Our expectation is that the requirement for students to not have cars is one we would expect the building (owners) to manage so that it would be complied with.

“Our understanding is that the typical arrangements, the implications of being caught with a car are quite significant for the tenants, so it is very much the case that compliance is expected.

“So the concern that if a student does bring a car into the city – and I accept that there may be occasions where perhaps people might chance it for a weekend, it is a possibility – but in relation to car parking there is a public car park on Curzon Street, and a further public car park on Union Road and a number of other car parks around the city, so there is significant public car parking space available.”

The vote to give planning permission passed with 11 in favour, two against and two abstentions.