A section of the existing A1 / A46 junction which will be upgraded.

There is only one week left for the public to share their views with Highways England on the A46 Newark bypass proposals as the eight week consultation approaches the end.

Highways England opened the public consultation on December 9, but the time for the public to share their views is running out, as the consultation is set to end next week on February 2.

The consultation is taking place entirely online and through the gathering of feedback and response forms, rather than an in person meeting due to the current pandemic restrictions.

Both proposals will widen the A64 to a dual carriageway as well as a new link and bridge over the A1 to the North of the current bridge.

The proposed road upgrades will tackle congestion on the outskirts of Newark by
removing bottlenecks, making journeys safer and more reliable for the or the 17,000 drivers who travel along the busy A46 every day.

The towns residents have mixed feelings about the proposals, and although some prefer one over the other, many would prefer a combination of both.

Bridget Turner, 55, of Newark, said: “I think whichever is decided would be beneficial to the town and much needed. Disruptions won’t be much fun though.”

Another local resident, Gareth Edwards, said: “It should be a mixture of the two. Divert from winthorpe village and take out that pointless mini roundabout at the cattle market.”

Alison Evans, of Bingham, said: “Very rarely do I go to Newark anymore but that’s just because of the traffic on the A46 going towards the First roundabout at Newark. I always get stuck there! Such a shame as Newark is lovely.”

The ‘Think Again’ campaign has been launched by a group of concerned Winthorpe residents to show their frustrations and to present an alternative view to the proposals offered by Highways England.

The village of Winthorpe is located near the existing A46 bypass, but the current proposals would result in the bypass being a lot closer to their homes, and having a dramatic visual impact on their historic parkland.

Winthorpe resident and father of two, Colin Paterson, is in charge of media for the campaign.

He said: “My main concerns are that an 8 lane road will come within 500m of Winthorpe Primary School and our house.

“The death of the 9-year-old school girl Ella Kissi-Debrah from air pollution in London was a stark reminder of the dangers of children spending time near cars.

“Our two boys would be living and going to school very close to major roads.”

Option 1 and Option 2 which are being shared with the public.

Highways England project manager, Karen Green, said: “This major upgrade to the
A46 will help drivers by better linking two key midlands cities – Leicester and Lincoln.

“Cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders are set to benefit from our plans too as we’ll
provide a safer route for them to cross the A46.

“We’d prefer to share information about both scheme options at a public information
event where we can meet people face-to-face. As that’s not possible right now, we’re
making everything available online.

“It’s vital that the new bypass works for the whole community.

“So, I’d encourage everyone to have their say on the road’s future.”

The local community has until 11.59pm on February 2 to share their views with Highways England about the proposals.

This can be done by filling out their response form or by emailing a46newarkbypass@highwaysengland.co.uk