Get crafty this lockdown with simple supplies

January is National Hobby month, and whilst you’re stuck in lockdown, there isn’t a better chance to hop on board and learn a new skill.

Independent craft shops in Nottingham are encouraging people to get more ‘crafty’ whilst on a budget by using items you may have already lying around your house.

Whether you have kids that need entertaining or just want to get a bit more creative, here are a few easy craft ideas you can do to pass the time which require spending hardly any money.


An easy origami bird
Patterned origami pelican

Origami is perhaps one of the easiest crafts you can do. All you need is a scrap bit of paper and cut this ideally into a square.

Then, go ahead and create whatever you want! It really is that easy; the only skill this requires is folding and following instructions and you can create anything from birds to spaceships.

Origami way have a range of easy origami instructions which you can follow and are perfect for beginners.

You can try using different coloured and textured paper to make each creation a little bit different.


A cloudy canvas

Most paints you can get for a cheap price and usually include around twelve colours so that you can mix until your heart is content!

Use either scrap paper which would usually be ready to bin or canvases to create something a bit more special.

You can also use whatever tools you want from sponges to things like potatoes which make great stamps.

Once lockdown is over, why not visit paintings in real life by heading to the following local art galleries:

  • The Fletcher Gate Art Gallery – 18 Fletcher Gate
  • Castle Fine Art – 8-10 Exchange Arcade
  • PSowage Art Gallery – 2 Byard Ln


Scrapbooking made fun with personal memories

Scrapbooks can make a great present for a friend, or it’s a good way for you to store your memories in a creative way to look back on.

Most scrapbooks can cost below £10, and the site FreePrints is a great way to print off all your favourite pictures where you only have to pay a small delivery fee.

All else that’s needed is some sort of sticky device (either a glue stick or sellotape).

You can add stickers, other memories such as train or concert tickets, dates and writing. Scrapbooks are great because you can make them extremely personal and really show off your personality.

To get more crafty ideas from around the local area make sure to follow the hashtag #nottinghamcrafts on Instagram.