A year of being advised to stay inside has meant that many people have missed out on visiting some of their dream destinations. But fear not, this list has been put together for those trapped to their bedrooms, as an easy and fun way to virtually visit some amazing places.

  1. Up first, not venturing too far from home, is a wonderful virtual tour of the Giants Causeway, located in County Antrim on the north coast of Northern Ireland.
    Giants Causeway

    The National Trust have put together a series of videos so that this natural landmark can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

  2. Next, a tour travelling over the pond to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park. A 3,300square miles of wilderness above a volcanic hotspot.
    Yellowstone National Park.

    The National Park Service have kindly recorded a number of the routes within the park, to be enjoyed from the screens.

  3. This tour of the Great Wall of China, has all the spectacular views, but comes without the aches and pains of walking the whole 21,196 km length of the wall.
    Great wall of China.

    Click here to navigate through the thousands of miles of this impressive structure.

  4. This one is a little different as it involves a live stream, meaning you can view the Eiffel Tower from any place at any time.
    Eiffel Tower.

    Be sure to tune in for sunset (taking into account Paris is one hour ahead of us!), as the lights are switched on and remain on until 1am!

  5. For some more beautiful architecture, have a look at Googles virtual tour of the Taj Mahal.
    Taj Mahal.

    Google arts & culture has put together a detailed panoramic view of this exquisite marble building.